Drivers Insurance Company - Bankruptcy!

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I had a Drivers insurance policy for a couple of years and decided to switch back in January after they refused to cover my vehicle after an accident that left me out $1700.May 13th I finally received a refund check for the last month's premium that they owed me for $51.58.

I deposited the check on May 14th. Well, today I get notification from my bank that the check was returned which caused an overdraft to my account and got me $47 in additional bank fees on top of the $51.58 they owed me!

I called the customer service number and the agent that answered said that the company had filed bankruptcy and they would not honor any refund checks or reimburse me for the fees that bounced check called me!

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Drivers insurance company, john gano was agent,duluth,ga

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always trying to cheat me on premiums, no service, never answer the phones and hang up on rude so i went with Hartford and they sent me a letter so i could get a refund because i switched company a 3rd of the way threw the month.

what a joke they sent back a cancellation notice. what a bunch of thugs. i am in the process of reporting them to BBB. lets see how they like that.

with Hartford as my witnesses.

hope that will rattle there cage.i wish i new more of how to stop company like this from stealing from people.thank tom

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John Gano was not my agent but I've never been able to speak to my agent again since getting insurance w/ them. They w/drew from my account after I closed my policy w/ them and went else where. In the process of trying to get my money back and I did report them to BBB.

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